Blogmesh is not a product, it’s an invitation

A little while ago, I pushed the first version of the Blogmesh WordPress plugin to the official plugin repository. It’s available at This makes it much easier to try Blogmesh if you keep a WordPress blog, or are able to set one up.

Not a product

WP-Blogmesh is open source, and thus completely free. It’s not something I hope or plan to sell. It represents my hope that we can interconnect the world’s blogs, and create a network that feels like a social network, but where everyone controls their own content.

An invitation

While still limited in many ways, using Blogmesh is already fun. I’ve been using WP Blogmesh for a while now, and I’ve discovered some great content from the comfort of my own Blogmesh instance (

That’s why I’m inviting everyone to join. Set up your own Blogmesh node. Help test the plugin, let me know what you think. Or, if you’re a developer, contribute to the code on GitHub. Not a WordPress fan? No problem. How about creating a Blogmesh implementation for your favorite blogging platform? Or contributing to the browser add-on?

If you install the plugin, please ping me on Twitter, so I can follow your blog.

Roy is a web designer and developer from The Netherlands.
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