Getting started

Blogmesh is in the early stages of development, but we do have a version that sort-of works and can be used for demos and testing. Feeling adventurous? Comfortable with setting up WordPress and installing plugins? Feel free to contact me.

Here’s what you’ll need

  1. Web hosting. Since Blogmesh is all about putting your own stuff online, you’ll need a place that you control or trust to create your Blogmesh home. Also, make sure it has PHP and MySQL.
  2. A blog. Right now, your only option is a self-hosted WordPress blog, because there’s no Blogmesh-plugin/add-on/module for other system.
  3. The Blogmesh plugin. The plugin is available from
  4. The browser add-on. This allows you to follow other blog more easily, but is not required. Here’s how to set it up.

In theory, the WP Blogmesh plugin should work with all WordPress themes. For optimal results, a blogging theme probably works best. Twenty Fifteen works well, as does ColorLib’s Sparkling theme.

Using Blogmesh

Once you have things set up, you should have a “Friends” section in wp-admin, where you can add blogs you’d like to follow. Simply give your new friend a name, fill the “RSS feed URL” and press publish. Your site is now subscribed to your friend’s updates. The Blogmesh browser extension makes this process easier. It adds a follow button to Chrome, but currently only works when visiting Blogmesh sites.

Once you have one or more friends set up, visit your blog’s home page to see a timeline of your and your friend’s posts. If you’ve set up your WordPress site to display a static page on the frontpage, visit the “Posts page” instead.

Please report any issues you have at GitHub. If you’re a developer, pull requests are of more than welcome.

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